All TETRAI² Trainings Delivered

Today’s training, presented by trainers of the Université de Sousse at CENAFFE in cooperation with the Université Virtuelle de Tunis, was the last TETRAI² training.

September/October 2016 trainings built up on the experiences made throughout the project duration and put the TETRAI² training concept through a last stress test. Again, it was an interesting experiences for both participants and trainers.

We received positive feedback not only from participants but on social media as well. This acknowledgement obviously is a great incentive for future applicatian of our training programmes in Tunisia.

We would like to thank everybody involved in the organisation of the past events! Special thanks to the university staff and trainers from Université de Gabès, Universitè de Sousse and Université Virtuelle de Tunis for puting such a great effort in securing successful workshops at our partner universites in Gabès, Sousse and Tunis. Without their hard work this would have not been possible!

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