TETRIA² Dissemination Conference 2016

TETRAI² Dissemination Conference (WP 7)

Sustainability is the most important criterion of every project. The end of the project duration should not mean that the project falls into oblivion. On the contrary the projects afterlife might be seen as the touchstone of its success. In the case of TETRAI² chances are good!

During the Dissemination Conference from November 2nd 2016 we presented TETRAI² to institutional partners and interested students, teachers and academics. The following discussion showed that teacher training in Tunisia is a field on the move. Institutional reforms and changes are happening and they are accompanied by academic reforms.

TETRAI² hit a nerve there since it established a forum for discussion and it provided instruments for practical improvement. Our Tunisian partners will take it from there and push teacher training to the next level.

Many thanks to the UVT staff for a – once again – perfectly organised event at a beautiful location!

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