WP 1 Analysis of Teacher Training in Tunisia

At the beginning of TETRAI² (work package 1) a detailed analysis of the current state of pre-professional and in-service teacher training in Tunisia was executed. Tunisian partner institutions as well as the Institut Supérieur de l’Education et de la Formation Continue (ISEFC) presented their findings during a workshop in Tunis/Carthage in March 2014.

Subsequent to this workshop Béchir Allouche, who is a Maître Technologue at the Université Virtuelle de Tunis (UVT), worked out a study, which provides an in-depth analysis of the role of school teachers in Tunisia’s educational system as well as of the primary education and the professional training of school teachers.

The study is available for download in the submenue. All content is password protected, in order to get access please contact site administration.